RAE Corporation is a privately-held company dedicated to manufacturing compressorized equipment and heat transfer coils for the HVAC, refrigeration, and industrial markets. Join a company known for providing exemplary service and stability for almost 50 years. We offer competitive salary and benefits.

Our story begins in 1971 with Mr. Jim Swank and a core group of hardworking, dedicated people. The result of their efforts and many since then is the 220,000 square foot manufacturing facility we now operate that employs over 300 people from Pryor and surrounding communities. We continue to operate in that spirit of entrepreneurship and ambition seeking higher levels of excellence in our people, relationships and products.

At RAE Corporation, we understand that in order to produce Excellence, we must attract and retain exceptional talent. We actively seek people of diligence, character, integrity and innovation to help us develop, engineer, build and sell our compressorized equipment and heat transfer coils.

Together we can build something great.

RAE Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer. EEO/ AA M/F/V/D


It is a journey, and we are on our way.  How we get there will be through the same means by which we have become the successful company we now are, with the people who work here.

We are a company in transition.  We have a proud history as a privately owned manufacturer located in rural Oklahoma.  One man with a dream, visionary leaders who succeeded against the odds to build a company, a community of industrious men and women who got things done, stretched themselves to meet far reaching goals, and exceeded their own expectations.  That is the legacy inherited, now to the future.

The people of RAE Corporation are committed to the pursuit of Excellence.  We come to work each day expecting challenge, and the work to be done does not disappoint.  Many of us have worked here for decades, and we find that the opportunities and stability provide a comfortable place for us.  We appreciate the changing environment and prospects to solve complex issues.

To work at RAE feels much like being a part of a small community.  If you have worked here any length of time, you are known by name and know most everyone here and much about their families.  We have fun together, and we have suffered loss together.  We know that we are valued as individual people by our coworkers and the management here.

We enjoy a good deal of personal freedom in how we go about doing our work which inspires innovation and ownership in our jobs.  Many of us have forged out opportunity for personal growth here expanding our skills through the opportunities we have been afforded because we are valued for our self-motivation and willingness to learn.

We are a forward thinking folk.  Reflecting on the past but focused on our future.  It is best expressed by our President & CEO, Eric Swank, “I don’t know what the next 40 years will bring to RAE Corporation.  I do know if we prepare our employees, if we´re excellent in our people, relationships and products; we´ll be able to handle anything the world throws at us.”


RAE Corporation offers stability and opportunity to our employees. We have remained a privately owned corporation since inception in 1971. Since then, we have grown into a profitable corporation that includes 4 divisions.


(2 Weeks Paid Vacation)


(Paid Sick Days & Holidays)


(Health, Dental, Vision, & More)


(After 50 Hours)


(Earn $1-$1.50 Per HR Extra)


(Vested From Day One)

We know our employees appreciate their colleagues and we encourage them to show it! 

RAE Corporation gives everyone the opportunity to recognize their outstanding Peers through our Peer PRAES program. Employees that are nominated for showing any of the Peer PRAES characteristics are recognized for their efforts throughout the year and entered for a chance to win an award at the end of the year.


Personal Accountability
Own our work and take pride in our part of the process. Owning our work means taking responsibility for the decisions we make and the results of those decisions.

Willingness to Learn
Eagerly seek opportunities to learn new skills or knowledge. Look for opportunity to develop ourselves and welcome feedback.

Know our customers, both external and internal. Strive to provide excellence in the service or product that we provide and check to ensure all of our customers are satisfied.

Share ideas and information clearly, completely and consistently. Understand that others depend on us for timely, relevant and reliable information; and deliver that information in a way that is valuable to the receiver. Care about the concerns of others and use active listening skills to understand the needs of others.

Quality Focus
Process of building and sustaining relationships by meeting the expectations of our customer. Recognize quality is not limited to a department or a job function, and that quality belongs in every step of the manufacturing process. This is evident in the end product and by the satisfaction of our customer.

Innovation and Solutions Thinking
Approach challenges as opportunities. Seek first to fully understand a process and then offer fresh perspective and ideas. Keep our minds open to the ideas and perspectives of others. Embrace change and continuous improvement.

External Nominations

You don´t have to be a RAE Corporation employee to give Peer PRAES! We want our employees to receive positive feedback from anyone they work with. Click here to fill out the form with your Peer PRAES and we will share it internally.


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RAE Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer. EO- M/F/Vets/Disabled